Dealing with our emotion

‘I wish I had continued with the business little longer….who knows if I might have survived’.

Advise :
Don’t think too much of your past. It’s done and dusted. Period.

‘Oh! MCO is really hitting hard on everyone. How am I going to survive financially?’

Advise :
Come on. Work your socks off. Why are you thinking too much?

The examples above are two common things that affects many people around the world, including ourselves. Either we end up in depression thinking about the past or dealing with anxiety thinking about the future.

Here is the thing.

We experience many things in life. Happy, sad, hardship and many other feelings shape our thoughts. Some are unbreakable. It takes a lot, or perhaps abundance of effort to change it.

One way of dealing with it?
Be present.

Focus on the matter that appears before you. Deal with one task at a time.

Easier said than done right?
Couldn’t agree more.

But we have to start somewhere isn’t it?
Surely it will take a while to sink in but worth doing it.

But how do we deal with our fluctuate thoughts that are ever present?

Here are some practical tips to deal with it.

Calm yourself with this 5-4-3-2-1 technique.

• Name 5 things that you can see around yourself.
• Name 4 things you can hear at the moment.
• Name 3 things you can touch within your immediate reach.
• Name 2 things that you can smell.
• Name 1 thing that you can taste right now.

It may come as a bit difficult to start up with but incorporating it on a daily basis will place our brain in a ‘mindfulness mode’ whenever focusing is hard to come by.

Barely take 2 minutes.
Give it a shot!

@credit to Poulami | Wellness & Mind

Coach Ralph
Certified Trainer in Cognitive Development
Cambridge Global Learning United Kingdom



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